Success! $4 million reallocated to clean up the Anacostia River in DC's 2018 budget.

Success! $4 million reallocated to clean up the Anacostia River in DC's 2018 budget.

Thanks to the hard work of many APACC members and other allies, the DC Council Committee on Transportation and the Environment responded to our requests during a meeting yesterday. The Committee shifted $4 million of the $5 million "missing" dollars back into the Fiscal Year 2018 budget for the Department of Energy & Environment to be able to clean up the Anacostia River and stay on schedule for completion of a remedial plan in mid-2018.  

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Drug Take-Back a Success – Thanks for Keeping our Parks Drug-Free

Drug Take-Back a Success – Thanks for Keeping our Parks Drug-Free

In April, we helped put the word out about the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD)’s no-questions-asked drug take-back program. Drugs that aren’t disposed of property can make their way into natural water bodies like the Anacostia River if they are flushed down the toilet or dumped into the sink. MPD reports that they collected nearly 350 pounds of drugs during the month of April!

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Building Capacity in Wards 7 and 8 - April 14, 2017

Capacity Building Opportunities

Trainings, webinars, panel discussions
How to Report Live from Nonprofit Conferences and Events, June 13( — This is a must-attend if you have public events and you want to share for those not in attendance or because you want to repurpose the tweets, such as with #Storify, after the fact. Registration opens May 16. Free.

Good reads
Stop Telling Millennial Women To Find A Mentor  ( — "Women don’t need to be told which experience to add to their resume. They need someone to place their resume on a higher desk." 

What is Leadership? (— Read.

Peter Drucker: How to (Actually) Manage Your Time   ( — Read and heed.

Why you should know how much your coworkers get paid ( — "... when people don’t know how their pay compares to their peers, they’re actually more likely to feel underpaid — and even discriminated against. "

Audio and video
Casey Brown: Know your worth, and then ask for it  ( — Make the time to watch this eight-minute video.

Resources and tools

Need Help with Communications and Marketing? Georgetown University graduate students are offering pro bono assistance. The application deadline is Friday, April 21. ( 

Typeform ( lets you create cool looking forms. Free and paid.

Prisma ( runs your photos through artistic filters. A terrific tool to use to shake it up a bit when you are out and about, taking and sharing lots of snaps on your mobile.

Ripl ( is another shake-it-up tool for mobile. This lets you animate tweets. Free and paid.

How to Customize Your Facebook News Feed to Maximize Your Productivity(  provides clear instructions and pictures to personalize your FB news feed.

Mind Your Manners When it Comes to Visuals! ( offers sound advice for using images found online in your work. Read. Bookmark. Share.

#SustainableDC 2.0 kicks off April 19

Wednesday, April 19 at 6:00 pm at Wunder Garten, the Department of Energy and Environment is hosting a launch party and panel discussion to kick off the update of the District's sustainability plan — Sustainable DC 2.0 — and to release the 2017 Sustainable DC progress report. DOEE Director Tommy Wells will deliver opening remarks and reflect on the last five years since the plan was developed. A lively panel discussion on the future of sustainability in the District will follow. 

Learn more and RSVP.

Keep Anacostia Park and River drug-free

Properly disposing of old and unused prescription and over-the-counter drugs is good for everyone. It keeps drugs out of the hands of children, youth, and those who inappropriately take them. But it is also good for the environment.

What's bad for the environment is flushing drugs down the toilet or dumping into the sink. 

Scientists are concerned that antibiotics, for example, are making their way into bodies of water. There are some indications that drugs have a negative impact on the early and reproductive lives of fish and frogs. (Read more on No Drugs Down the Drain)

The Metropolitan Police Department is working with the DEA to help people dispose of their old and unused drugs properly. Stop by a DC police station Saturday, April 29 between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm and drop off your drugs. No questions asked!

Mark the date on your calendar and help keep Anacostia Park and Anacostia River drug-free! Want to do more? Share the event flyer (PDF).

Building Capacity in Wards 7 and 8 - April 7, 2017

Nonprofit capacity building resources offers free learning opportunities, from 15 minute videos to two-hour online courses. All are free. Registration is required.

Capacity Building Resources for Wards 7 and 8 catalogs all the resources we've shared. It is not password protected so share widely.

Capacity Building Opportunities

Trainings, webinars, panel discussions
Advocacy Strategies For Nonprofits, April 11( — Learn how to get involved with legislative advocacy. $50.

Fuel Yourself to Fulfill your Mission: Self-Care Tips for Social Impact Leaders, April 12( -- "Did you know that up to 60% of all major health conditions have stress as an underlying cause?" Participate in this webinar to learn how to take better care so you can do your work better and for longer. Free.

Re-Energize your Volunteer Program by Designing Mission-Driven Opportunities, April 25 ( — Volunteers can help you achieve your mission. In this way, they are much more than "nice to have." You will learn how to create mission-driven opportunities that are key to achieving your organization's goals. Free.

Motivating #GivingTuesday Donors with Your Website, May 24 ( — "When 82% of donors visit our websites before giving, now is the time to consider what they'll find when they get there. Your website plays a vital role in your fundraising efforts on #GivingTuesday and beyond. Does it captivate and engage people or is it merely an online brochure with a few photos and a mission statement?" Free. 

While this event, being held May 3, is focused on the for-profit world, there is much nonprofits can learn from social innovators, inspiring brands, and industry experts about social marketing. Free.

Good reads
You’ll Be Treading Water If You Don’t Have These Systems in Place ( — "Have you ever started a new job, only to discover that no thank yous had been sent for months?" The stories only get worse. An absolute must, MUST read.

Does your company need a Director of Getting Sh*t Done? ( — This is serious. Read.

The art of managing different personality types in your team( — If. You. Do. Nothing. Else. Read. This. "A general notion is that a manager must be adept at taking care of project scope, client requirements and planning the entire project delivery process. But the most important aspect of the job of a manager is - People Management. If you are not good with the people you are managing, you cannot expect them to give their best for you - it’s as simple as that!"

Personal capacity building

“How can I make more?”( —  And other questions you didn’t know to ask about work and money. 

5 Money Experts On How To Financially Prepare For A Career Change( —  A must-read.

Resources and tools

Instagram vs. Snapchat: Which Is Best for Your Business?( This Sprout Social helps you decide.  They talk demographics of each channel as well as content options. Best of all, you don't have to be a super-user of either to understand of what they speak.

Ask Product Hunt ( is a new community-powered product search engine. You will not only ask Product Hunt staff, but those whose products are featured on PH and those who rely on PH for suggestions and recommendations for new tools. Perfect for the techie in your organization.

11 Expert Tips for Nonprofits to Embrace Technology for Even Greater Impact(  includes advice such as "Map your needs to a strategic plan," "Tell better stories," and "Collaborate with your networks."

10 Random, But Useful Online Communications Tips for Nonprofits( delivers what the title says. Standouts: Coordinate Tweets and Facebook Posts with e-newsletters and fundraising appeals, Use only one or two hashtags per tweet, and Link screenshots of videos in e-newsletters and fundraising appeals to donate pages with the video embedded.