Make the point: Talk the Anacostia Park and River at Ward 7 Action Summit

Ward 7 Councilmember-elect Vince Gray is eager to hear from residents what issues they want prioritized starting Day 1 of his term on the DC Council (he is sworn in January 2, 2017).
So, let's give him what he wants Saturday, December 3 at the Ward 7 Action Summit.  Here's a list of our top picks for issues for the CM-elect to prioritize, all about Anacostia Park and Anacostia River.  It's not enough that APACC wants these items prioritized — we need you and lots of others to speak up about them as well.

  1. The National Park Service and the District must complete the toxic cleanup of Kenilworth Park. 
  2. Once it is cleaned up, design and implement robust park programs for east of the river children, youth, and adults.
  3. Build the Nature Center for kids on Kingman Island.
  4. Clean up the toxic chemicals on the bottom and along the shore. 
  5. Pass legislation to stop bottles and other trash.
  6. Improve access.
  7. Expand programming on the river and create a river economy.

Read more about the priorities in Anacostia Park and Community Collaborative: Talking Points for CM-elect Vincent C. Gray Ward 7 Action Summit December 3, 2016 (PDF).