Building Capacity in Wards 7 and 8 - March 29, 2017

Nonprofit capacity building resources

The Work Edit by Capitol Hill Style is a terrific resource for work- and life-related articles. And the fashion tips make life in the office more fashionable!

Capacity Building Resources for Wards 7 and 8 catalogs all the resources we've shared. It is not password protected so share widely.

Capacity Building Opportunities

Trainings, webinars, panel discussions
Preparing for the Worst: Disaster Prep and Recovery for Nonprofits and Libraries, April 4 ( — You will learn about things you can do right now to be prepared for a disaster and to help you respond when a disaster occurs. Free.

One Brand...Many Audiences: An Integrated Approach to Communications, April 5 ( — Learn how to ensure your messages, voice, and brand are consistent across your organization. Free. 

Successfully Integrating For-Profit Board Members, April 6( — Nonprofits are from Venus, business people are from Mars... the difference in language can be problematic and frustrating when you put a business person on your board. Learn how to on-board and integrate them successfully. Free.

Engaging Pro Bono and Skills-Based Volunteers, April 20  ( — Wow:  "VolunteerMatch is now sharing your skilled opportunity listings with LinkedIn's 300+ million potential volunteers." Free.

Collaboration not CoBLABoration: A Conversation with Chris Thompson, April 18( — Avoid talking with no action. Learn how from a civic collaboration expert. Free.

EcoHour in April, April 18 ( - Attend this DC EcoWomen event and hear from Ani Kame’enui of National Parks Conservation Association about the role of national parks for connecting people to nature and for catalyzing resource protection.

You don’t need to be afraid anymore! How to authentically engage the community while remaining in control, May 17( — Learn how to use skills and preparation to wend your way through the community engagement process in an authentic way without pulling your hair out. Free.

DATA VISUALIZATION - Effective Communication With Maps, Charts, and Graphs( — The guru of data viz has shared his expertise. Take advantage. Bookmark. Share.

Good reads
Why is career advice for women still sexist? ( — A good read for men and women. We all can do things differently.

5 Simple Things the Most Incredibly Respected Bosses Do (Every. Single. Day.)(

Personal capacity building

How to Stand Out at Work (

What I Wish I Knew About My First Pay Check: From 401(k)s to stock options, professionals reveal what they wish they knew about money early in their careers.(

Resources and tools

Did you know it can take up to 23 minutes to get your head back into work once you've been interrupted? Learn more and what you can do about disruptions, in This Clever Trick Will Keep Annoying Coworkers From Disrupting Your Day (