Welcome Flotsam and Jetsam, new DC Water trash skimmers on the Anacostia!

DC Water has just named two of its newest skimmer boats "Flotsam" and "Jetsam", names selected by a competition on Twitter. We welcome the new vessels to the Anacostia River!

DC Water operates these boats to pick up trash and debris from the Anacostia River. Each year, the boats pick up around 400 tons of trash (and other objects: check out the video below to seee it in action). 

DC Water operates skimmer boats near the Anacostia Yacht Club. We pick up nearly 400 tons of trash and other debris that washes into the river every year. We're just doing our part to keep our city clean and hopefully, make our rivers swimmable in the future.

The new boats were added to DC Water's fleet because picking up trash and debris on the river is a perpetual need. While the volume of trash in the water is much less than it once was, trash along with debris like sticks and branches still makes its way into the river, especially after a large rain event. By removing these items, DC Water is helping to make the river cleaner, safer and more beautiful.