Help the National Park Service keep track of the Geese!

The National Park Service is looking for volunteers to assist with their  annual Canada Goose Survey.  NPS is gathering data on the resident Canada Goose population as part of the implementation of a completed Environmental Impact Statement that determines wetland and resident and Canada Goose management.

The time commitment is short (about 1 hour) and volunteers do not need to have a particular expertise in birds, just the ability to identify a Canada Goose and count how many you see. This survey is timed to happen when the geese are molting (and therefore not flying much) so the counts are more reflective of the actual population.

NPS is conducting the counts from points in Anacostia Park, Kingman Island, Heritage Island and Kenilworth.  The dates and times are as follows:

Monday June 19              10:45 AM to 11:19 AM        

Tuesday, June 20            11:50 AM to 12:26 PM       

Wednesday, June 21       1:00 PM to 1:28 PM          

Thursday, June 22          2:00 PM to 2:27 PM    

Those interested in volunteering should contact Ms. Julie Kutruff, NPS - Community Outreach and Partnership Manager, National Capitol Parks - East at 202 690 5165, email: