TONIGHT: Pay-what-you-want Concert of "Anacostia Songs"

Brent & Co. is a local music group that recently produced a bluegrass album completely dedicated to the Anacostia River. The premiere of the album is TONIGHT, November 19, at 8:00 pm, at Southeast DC’s Anacostia Playhouse, which is also the inaugural performance in its new Monday night music series! Pay-what-you-want tickets available here.

Our latest album is celebration of the natural beauty of Washington DC’s often overlooked Anacostia River and the vibrant communities of wildlife and residents that call it’s shores home. Long plagued by pollution the river is finally getting the respect that it (and it’s neighboring communities) deserve. To this end we’ve put together five new songs to help raise awareness of the Anacostia’s past, present and (very bright) future. Thanks for listening - see you out on the river!
— Brent & Co.

You may have seen Brent Peterson, the band’s frontman, performing around town, including a recent free concert near the SW Waterfront alongside “Ana the Shad,” DC’s state fish mascot.

You can stream Brent & Co.’s “Anacostia Songs Vol. 1” here.