The November 30 DC Register in tweets

In APACC’s sphere of interest:

  • CM Bonds 12/6 hearing on: Rup Puttagunta nomination to the Rental Housing Commission, LeJuan Strickland nomination to the DC Housing Authority Bd of Commissioners (housing)

  • Dept of Disability Services final regs on Development Disabilities Administration Residential Supports. (wellness)

  • DC Housing Authority final regs to implement changes to the Violence Against Women Act. (housing)

  • Dept of the Environment has $200k available for Community Stormwater Solutions Grants focusing on Kingman Island & other subwatersheds. (#AnacostiaRiver)

  • Dept of the Environment has $270k available for CRIAC Nonprofit Relief Program Off-Site Stormwater Mitigation Construction Grants. (#AnacostiaRiver, capacity building)

  • DMPED 12/17 hearing on proposed disposition and use of St Elizabeths East Parcel 15 (Square 5868, Lot 0802) (equitable development)