Fairlawn Neighborhood Pushes for Rezoning to Avoid Storage Facility at the Entrance to Anacostia Park

There is a vacant property adjacent to the entrance to Anacostia Park from the Fairlawn neighborhood that is currently zoned for commercial use and is the potential location for a future Cube Storage facility. 

The residential neighborhood is fighting against a re-zoning request from Cube Storage to allow a commercial driveway that would make the project possible, instead arguing that the site should be zoned residential. In a recent letter to the Zoning Commission, the Fairlawn Citizens Association wrote: 

At present the 20,000 square foot lot is zoned C-M-1 and the owners are planning to build a 5-story, 1,700-unit storage facility... Such a development with its increased commercial traffic would be incompatible with the surrounding residential neighborhood which is zoned R-5-B and lies at the entrance to the Anacostia Park which is a recreational destination not only for residents of this Fairlawn neighborhood but for the greater DC area.
— Graylin Presbury, President of the Fairlawn Citizens Association, Inc.

If you are interested in weighing in on the issue, you can: 

  • Attend the zoning hearing on February 15th at 6:30pm at the Office of Zoning, 441 4th Street NW Suite 220-S, Washington, DC, 20001. 
  • Email the Zoning Commission at zcsubmissions@dc.gov with your opinion and feel free to copy your local ANC. You must include "Zoning Case #17-17" and the address of the site, "1401 22nd Street SE". 
Erin Garnaas-Holmes