A Cleaner Ward 7 is Seeking an Anti-Litter Outreach Team Intern

A Cleaner Ward 7 is seeking between 10 to 15 youth between the ages of 18-21 to be on their Ward 7 anti-litter outreach team. This is an unpaid internship. Students will be able to receive community service hours and will gain important experiences that will look great on their resumes when they engage in employment searches in the future.   

The Alice Ferguson Foundation (AFF)--a member organization of APACC--will train the youth in outreach with anti-litter messaging.  AFF and A Cleaner Ward 7 are also doing research into other ways to effectively create and communicate a message about taking care of the Ward 7 environment to ward 7 residents, to include reducing and cleaning up litter as well as recycling.  The success of this campaign will depend on the effectiveness of the anti-litter outreach team.

The goal of this anti-litter outreach effort is to reach and find others in the Ward 7 community who share these values and who will join us for our regular clean ups in Ward 7 D.C. The outreach team will help find and recruit anti-litter/environmental activists to join A Cleaner Ward 7 at regular clean up events.

The interns will work with A Cleaner Ward 7 and several other environmental groups and agencies of the government (local and federal) to develop and then implement an anti-litter plan for Ward 7 Washington D.C. that is also aligned with existing DC government programs such as the DCPS Recycles! program and DC Zero Waste.

Location: Washington D.C.

Duration: 10 weeks starting April 2, 2018 with possibility of extension.

Compensation: Unpaid. May have potential to become paid internship based on performance and funding availability.


  • Be part of a multi-year effort to improve your own community
  • Gain life and career skills with like-minded people working towards a worthwhile common goal
  • Certificate of participation and/or community service hours
  • Networking opportunities
  • Training from Alice Ferguson Foundation on anti-litter messaging
  • Training from DC Department of General Services on how to “recycle right” in DC Public Schools and on managing waste at “zero waste” events


  • Attend all scheduled training sessions and meetings.
  • Seek community partners for litter clean ups in Ward 7.
  • Talk to community members about ways to implement an anti-litter campaign.
  • Network with community-based partners to find litter solutions in Ward 7
  • Lead and/or participate in anti-litter outreach events and community clean-ups in diverse geographic locations
  • Lead and/or participate in waste management at zero waste events
  • Help create and lead interactive activities for schools and children in Ward 7, for example sorting relay races or litter scavenger hunts.
  • Identify and engage other Ward 7 community members who are passionate about the natural environment.
  • Identify and liaise appropriately with other existing government or non-profit programs, such as the DCPS Recycles! program, Adopt-a-Block, etc.
  • Recruit volunteers to join community clean up efforts.



  • Outgoing, inventive and dynamic
  • Self-starter and willing learner
  • Good at time management and highly dependable
  • A capable Public Speaker
  • Able to work effectively as part of a team
  • Able to do community-based outreach and networking
  • Able to engage communities in issues of community beautification and litter
  • Not phased by trash and trash collection
  • Proficient in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint and email
  • District of Columbia resident


  • Demonstrated passion for environmental issues and DC Parks
  • Demonstrated experience in recycling (e.g. at home or at school) and/or participation in litter clean ups
  • From Ward 7

Application instructions: Send a resume and cover letter to mark@acleanerward7.org by March 22. Please include in your cover letter how you found out about the position.

A Cleaner Ward 7 brings volunteers to Ward 7 Washington D.C to clean up the beautiful parks and neighborhoods, we have been active in Ward 7 for over two years and we now want to take our efforts to a higher level. To be more impactful we would like to build a community outreach team to communicate our anti-litter message directly to the ward 7 public and to recruit people in  Ward 7 D.C to join us for our regular clean ups.