Evicted: A Free Exhibit at the Building Museum

The National Building Museum is currently running an exhibit titled "Eviction," which explores the causes and impacts of eviction across the country. The exhibit runs until May 19, 2018. 

APACC is committed not only to restoring the Anacostia River and its riverfront parks, but also ensuring that residents who live along the river get to stay in place as their local environment improves. As the Building Museum writes on its website: "Eviction occurs when renters are forcibly removed from their home by court order. Evictions and the threat of removal are disproportionately experienced by African American single mothers in many cities, but affect people of all backgrounds. An eviction record can mean that a family is now ineligible for other subsidies such as public housing. It can make job-hunting more difficult, if not nearly impossible. Finding a new place to live becomes almost a full-time job, especially in a sprawling metropolitan area without a car."

"A collaboration with Matthew Desmond, professor of sociology at Princeton University, a MacArthur “Genius” Fellow, and best-selling author, Evicted will offer an immersive experience bringing our visitors into the world of low-income renter eviction. With unique design elements and striking graphics, the exhibition will challenge adults and youth to face the enormity of a difficult subject, while providing context and a call to action."

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