APACC member CPDC preserves Ward 8 affordable housing

In 2016, Community Preservation and Development Corporation (CPDC) purchased Randle Hill Apartments to rejuvenate and preserve the affordable housing offered by this 196-unit garden-style complex. According to a CPDC press release announcing the purchase, the organization wrote, "CDPC plans to renovate the property, sustain it as a mixed-income community and connect residents to its existing network of services and programs in Ward 8 designed to improve quality of life."

This was not CPDC’s first property in Congress Heights. In fact, CPDC also owned several other properties and was part of the vibrant community development landscape.

CPDC is in the business of providing safe and affordable housing and helping those residents who could benefit from a hand up. Again from the release at the time,

“CPDC is committed to providing safe, high-quality affordable housing to low- and moderate-income individuals and families,” said Shelynda Burney-Brown, Vice President, Real Estate. “These renovations will preserve the long-term affordability of this community and create a home environment where residents can grow and thrive.”




Fast forward two years and CPDC and Randle Hill Apartments are making news again. Mayor Bowser recently announced that DC, and Wards 7 and 8 in particular,  will be getting more affordable housing thanks to a $103 million DC government investment. Randle Hill Apartments is one of the projects funded. Twenty of the 195 units will be dedicated to Permanent Supportive Housing and the total preservation project will use $13 million in DC Housing Production Trust Fund funding.

Sharita Slayton, CPDC's Senior Manager, Community Impact Strategies for Randle Hill Apartments, is encouraged that longtime residents can remain and enjoy the transforming community they have called home for generations while benefiting from the resources and services coordinated through CPDC partnerships.

In total, nine projects are funded in this round of affordable housing creation and preservation. Of the nine projects funded, six are in Wards 7 and 8. These six projects will produce and preserve 349 units with 173 in Ward 7 and 276 in Ward 8. The projects this round use a mix of HPTF, low-income housing tax credits, and Local Rent Supplement Program (LRSP) vouchers and all the projects are for those earning no more than 80 percent of the Median Family Income of $117,200 in FY 2018. The mayor’s office reports that

nearly two-thirds of the units will be dedicated toward households below 50 percent MFI ($58,600). The specific breakdown is as follows:

  • 127 units will be for households at or below $35,160 (30 percent MFI)
  • 381 units will be for households between $35,160 and $58,600 (30 percent to 50 percent MFI).
  • 242 units will be for households between $58,600 and $70,320 (50 percent and 60 percent MFI)
  • 22 units will be for households between $70,320 and $93,760 (60 percent and 80 percent MFI).


The projects in Ward7 and Ward 8

Production Projects

  • Mary's House (Ward 7) will produce 15 units for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/same gender loving (LGBTQ/SGL) seniors—including three with PSH— using $1,193,239 in HPTF. Developer: Northern Real Estate Urban Ventures, LLC
  • 3500 East Capitol Street NE (Phase II) (Ward 7) will produce 95 units—including five with PSH—using $16,831,202 in HPTF. Developer: MidAtlantic Realty Partners LLC
  • 1100 Eastern Ave NE (Ward 7) will produce 63 units for seniors—including 13 with PSH—using $11,387,395 in HPTF. Developer: Neighborhood Development Company

Preservation Projects

  • Anacostia Gardens Apartments (Ward 8) will preserve 99 units for seniors using $9.85 million in HPTF. Developer: The NHP Foundation
  • Randle Hill Apartments (Ward 8) will preserve 195 units—including 20 with PSH—using $13 million in HPTF. Developer: Community Housing Inc. (CPDC)

Production and Preservation Projects

  • Hanover Courts Apartments (Ward 8) will provide 82 units—including four with PSH—using $5,806,343 in HPTF. Developer: EquityPlus Manager LLC