August 11: 1968-2018—Small Businesses of Historic Deanwood

Join APACC member Ward 7 Business Partnership Saturday, August 11 for 1968-2018: Small Businesses of Historic Deanwood-A Look Back.

Ward 7 resident Carrie Thornhill will moderate the panel discussion and film screening during which community historians will discuss the impact of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. assassination on small businesses in Deanwood.


Read and share the PDF version of the flyer.

W7BP's got history with Deanwood's history

This is not the Ward 7 Business Partnership's first community history project. In 2009, the organization, which was then known as Deanwood Heights Main Streets, received a grant to fund Deanwood Churches. Faith and Foundation Historic Tour, 2009. The tour featured 13 churches and businesses in Deanwood. A year later, they received a grant from the DC Humanities Council for Deanwood Heights Mainstreets: Faith and Foundation Historic Tour of Deanwood 2010, described this way: "Though many of Deanwood's historic houses of worship are included on the tour, the path also includes businesses and public spaces that have left a mark on the community's development."

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