DC Mayor to present the District's first cultural plan

On Thursday, April 6 at 6:00pm at the Anacostia Playhouse, DC Mayor Muriel Bowser will present the city’s first cultural plan.

From the DC Cultural Plan’s website:

Cultural Plan Highlights:

The DC Cultural Plan promotes an equitable, world-class cultural environment in the District that advances cultural diversity by increasing access to cultural creation and experience for all residents.  

  • The District’s Cultural Economy supports $30 billion in annual spending, generates $1.1 billion in tax revenue, and employs 150,000 workers.

  • The District embraces its rich and unique cultural history by affirming the importance its heritage and resident’s culture.

  • The Cultural Plan supports cultural creators through increased access to aligned educational and technical assistance resources, increased access to affordable housing, and increased access to affordable production space.

  • The Cultural Plan will help expand and preserve cultural spaces as platforms for expression by making them more accessible.

  • The Cultural Plan will advance cultural diversity by increasing access to, and awareness of cultural opportunities among cultural consumers who include all District residents as well as the city’s visitors.

  • The Plan’s recommendations for creators, spaces, and consumers converge and align to increase equity, diversity, and innovation in the District.