Funding available for DMV-based community groups to engage families of color in national parks and public space.


The Children & Nature Network (C&NN) is a movement to increase equitable access to nature so that children and natural places can thrive. Since 2006, C&NN has pioneered grassroots initiatives to connect diverse families to each other and the natural world through outdoor exploration and free play in nature.

CNN is launching a new “Family Nature Club” program in which a community leader coordinates family outings in nearby parks and natural areas, exposing families to experiences they might not have had, and places they might not otherwise visit.

The Family Nature Club model, when propelled in partnership with community-based organizations, maximizes the ability of the National Park System to reach into nontraditional park-goer communities, to build and sustain new relationships with residents in a community, and to bridge generational gaps and empower families to become change agents in their own communities by increasing participation in the national parks in the region.

CNN is offering community-based organizations in the Washington Metropolitan Area stipends in the amount of $1,500, as well as technical assistance, training on promising practices, and peer learning opportunities.