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#letsgetcivic August 4 at CivicFest

APACC member Washington Parks & People and co-sponsors DC Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative and DJ Aphrosoul Lukumi are gathering DC area nonprofits and lots of interested people Saturday, August 4 for CivicFest 2018—a fun-, music-, art-, and action-filled day—with the ultimate purpose of creating a movement to take back DC from violence, poorly performing schools, crazy weather, and unequal access to basic services.

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Why you should comment on the Sustainable DC 2.0 Plan by July 15

The DC Department of Energy and Environment has released a new Sustainable DC 2.0 Plan, and they are asking for your comments.  Why should you care about Sustainable DC? Bradford Everette from DOEE came and talked to APACC at our last meeting. He said that "sustainability" doesn't just mean buying "green" products and planting trees -- "sustainability" means "survival." Being sustainable means having a healthy home, healthy food, and healthy neighborhood that help you live a happy and long life. 

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"Honor the Anacostia" - Summary of the 100 Resilient Cities Phase 2 Working Group Kickoff

I recently attended the “Phase 2 Kickoff” of DC’s 100 Resilient Cities initiative. There were about 100 people in the room from all kinds of District agencies and non-profit organizations who are concerned about DC’s future. About 20 of them were there to talk specifically about the Anacostia River.

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