Let’s make the Anacostia River corridor the best it can be

The Anacostia Park and Community Collaborative is a group of organizations dedicated to improving the Anacostia River Corridor. We envision community-led, equitable redevelopment of the Anacostia River parks and adjacent neighborhoods, and a thorough cleanup of the Anacostia River. Through this process, we will foster the growth of a thriving, diverse, and sustainable community that actively accepts and takes ownership of the challenges and opportunities along this cherished water source to improve the lives and livelihoods of both current and future residents. 

Project highlight:

How could a new Kenilworth Park best support you and your community?

We are collecting stories about Kenilworth Park and ideas for how the northern portion of the park, which will be transferred to the District of Columbia from the Federal government, could best serve the neighborhood after it is cleaned up.

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